Dear friends of science and technology. I am happy to add the first contribution to Kint s.r.o., a company that was created as a family project with the aim of spreading, promoting and promoting activities that are beneficial for ensuring the safety and sustainability of systems, technology and human society as such.

The project has been created from the beginning on a green meadow without any major financial investments, only with effort in free time, so it is our basic slogan “We do what we can and what we enjoy”. These higher goals for safety and sustainability can only be fulfilled in activities that we enjoy. To be able to succeed, it is also necessary, in addition to entertainment, to know how. Therefore we build competencies in various scientific and technological areas.

Now I can be happy to announce the establishment of a company (on 14 July 2022), which aims to meet individual strategic steps towards a given vision of safety and sustainability. In every company, any effort and good intention have a chance to succeed only in secured and stable financial background, so we choose the form of a trading company.

We use the revenue from the sale of products that meet the assumption of our visions, and we use advertising profits to support other science and research activities, whose outputs will not be merely on paper or drawer, but can also be well applied. This step of individual steps has a chance to spin a carousel of operational and strategic activities from various business, professional and technological areas contributing to our mission and vision.

Vision: Safety and sustainability of systems, technology and human society.

Mission: We do what we do and what we enjoy. “The above -mentioned goals for safety and sustainability can only be fulfilled in activities that we enjoy. However, the fun of its mere prerequisite for success, it is also necessary to know for success, so we build competencies and educate gradually in various scientific and technological areas.”

Strategic areas:

  1. Education of children, support and popularization of science already at a young age.
  2. Activities in science, research and technology (their study, development and application).
  3. Entertainment and education, making science accessible to the lay public, development of educational applications, games and promotion on social networks.

If you are interested in further information or cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form in the “Contact” section at the top of the menu.

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