As part of spreading awareness of our activities and promotion, we have set up several accounts that you can follow and contribute to yourself.

Social networks

social network or community network[1] (English social network or community network[1]) is a service on the Internet that allows registered members to create a personal (or corporate) public or semi-public profile, communicate with each other, share information, photos, videos, run chat and other activities. Internet discussion forums, where users exchange opinions and knowledge on selected topics, are also sometimes considered a social network. Communication between users of social networks can take place either privately between two users or (most often) collectively between a user and a group of other users connected to him.1Wikipedie (

Without social no company operating on the Internet can do without networks. Marketing on these networks connects individual pages, discussions, and in addition, each network has its own specific audience. We also need to actively participate in creating content, sharing it among people, so that we spread awareness of our activities and our articles and products become much more accessible to you.

Below each of our posts you will find links to like and share on selected platforms. If you like our posts, don’t hesitate to use this opportunity to reach other people, your acquaintances, who may also be interested.

The same is true for products on our e-shop.

For each product and article, or post or video on the network, you can also leave us a comment or question, which we will try to answer as soon as possible.


FB is still probably the best-known and most widespread network, which is why we are also active here. We have established two profiles and pages on Facebook.

The first is intended for sharing and discussing articles for adults, the general public and the professional public

KINT | Facebook. | Here we publish and share new articles from the website and individual sections, publish news and comments.

The second profile is intended for children and their parents, it promotes products from the online store and here we also share videos from the channel just for fun. KIDS KINT | Facebook

Feel free to follow and share individual posts and Facebook channels to follow relevant content that interests you.

YouTube channel

The YouTube channel is here. zde.

This network allows you to insert your own videos or create groups, so-called playlists, which can contain your own or third-party sources. We use the platform for multiple purposes and create different playlists on different topics intended for different users and groups.

In the KIDS playlist, we include videos with both STEM activities and regular fun and games with children.

Playlist pro děti

Other Playlists also contain foreign videos, for example, which are relevant to the articles, i.e. to the section Physics: Thermodynamics and safety (2), here you will find several external videos (documents) and a lecture on the subject of a nuclear power plant accident.

playlist k článku Termodynamika a bezpečnost

However, there is also a play list with videos of various housework and DIY. For example, here you can find a recipe for homemade bread without sourdough, or chemical experiments with the help of one soda, which is left over after baking bread.

laylist – ostatní

LinkedIn profile

A profile on a professional network. here we publish our professional profile, but for now it is a passive user, but if you are interested in cooperation or if you want to use this platform to share interesting common topics, do not hesitate to put your contribution here or share your profile.

Sociální sítě - LinkedIn KINT profil
LinkedIn profil


On Instagram, we only share some videos for children on the profile Fotky a videa na Instagramu

Like and share

Internet and promotion on the Internet currently works on the interlinking of pages (internet – net) and without social. the given content is not very visible through the network. Therefore, please share, paint and comment as soon as you come across something that you like and that interests you, because then the internet will know what content it will choose for you next time 🙂 and we will also be happy if you support us in this way.

Activities on social networks
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