We are engaged in experimental development and applications of new technologies towards sustainable development. We promote a responsible approach to the introduction of modern technologies to ensure development and overall safety.

Technology is fun for us


Modern technology is part of the modern world, improving the economic and practical efficiency of the processes and systems that people create together. The development of technology is driven forward precisely by the economic needs of people, but at the same time technical goods are consumed by society. This sets in motion a merry-go-round of new human needs in relation to technology, but also the vulnerability of people and society. Many of us are witnessing how modern telephones, the internet, social networks and their impact on people (for better or worse) are affecting our lives. Many people are rightly concerned about the future of more advanced systems introducing artificial intelligence and the like.

The new modern systems have a lukewarmness of connectivity and interpenetration of their system functions into other areas of human life (other physics: machine-human, sociological aspects of technology, human behaviour and psychology when using technical interfaces). But without their streamlining and improvement, humanity will not move towards a higher understanding of the world and efficiency of human behaviour, efficient production, consumption, disposal of goods, etc.

We enjoy technology because we need it, we need to develop it and at the same time we can explore it from many angles to ensure the sustainable development of society, the safety of technology and the security of people.

Therefore, these are exactly the activities that fit into the Vision and Mission of KINT.

Safety a Security of Technologies

Whether we are talking about IT environments, social networks, virtual reality, production processes, operation of infrastructures and their elements, we must always be interested not only in the functionality, but also in other qualitative aspects. These are, for example, safety (so that the technology introduced by people does not endanger the surrounding world and directly endanger people’s health and lives) and security, so that safety is ensured in the specified operating conditions, but also outside them, in the event of extraordinary or extreme situations (e.g. accidents, technical failures, disasters).

We are KINT

We deal with technology primarily in relation to critical infrastructure and ensuring people’s basic needs, such as their safety. We have extensive experience in transport critical infrastructure, both stationary and mobile parts. This is also related to energy and/or IT infrastructure and control systems.

In the world of technology, we offer consultation on safety and security management, research, investigations and state-of-the-art assessments.

We popularize and educate about technology also through fun apps, games or even STEM toys for the little ones, so that children also get habits to use but also understand technology to use it effectively and safely.

We publish the results of our (internal) work either at professional conferences and seminars or inform the general public through our blog and articles. Enter the Articles section.

If you are interested in specific information on the state of the art, its assessment, special research or development, need consultation or advice, or any other form of cooperation in the above-mentioned area, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form in the “Contact” section in the top menu.