Fun, education and science for children, these are STEM toys. What is it about and how does it relate to the world of games and toys?

What is STEM?

The term (or formerly SMET) originated in the early 1990s in America as a study program of The Center for the Advancement of Hispanics in Science and Engineering Education (CAHSEE). The program has been very successfully implemented and sponsored by NASA in many American educational institutions and universities. Later, the program was incorporated into the programs and strategies of American state institutions. Over the next decade, the program, with an already established acronym and in various variants, variations and additions, spread around the world:

S – Science,

T – Technology,

E – Engineering,

M – Mathematic.

In fact, these are precisely the areas of interest for KINT in line with our mission and vision. Therefore, even in the field of sales, we focus on these products for children, i.e. to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics closer to children.

Toys and fun = education and science

We enjoy science and technology and we consider this topic very important for the sustainable development of our future, that is, the future of people. We consider it important to popularize science and technology at an early age, so that children get an idea of how things work from an early age.

STEM hračky, věda pro děti
Věda pro děti

Cell phones and interactive electronics are a current trend, which in turn amuse children. Parents are once again struggling with how to get their children away from screens, mobile phones and displays. Especially if we already know that excessive passive use of technology has an impact on human thinking and IQ, demonstrably also on a physiological level, as neurologist Jan Martin Stránský describes, for example, in an interview on iRozhlas. But is it necessary to ban technology for children? Isn’t it better to teach children how to handle technology properly and teach them how it works? For example, as discussed in an article on In any case, technology is among us, pushing our society and its efficiency forward. In the same way, children must learn them, but also understand their essence.

In addition to the abstract, cybernetic world, it is also necessary to understand the physical and chemical nature of the world. How can modern technologies manage and replace people in certain processes if they do not respect physics or chemistry? Not only can everything be programmed, but also understand real-world causes and effects. Therefore, it is important to support in this direction.

Zábava a vzdělání
Zábava a vzdělání

Children want to have fun above all, and knowledge should be a natural part of a person, like the desire for discovery, which is simply fun. This is exactly what STEM toys are about, supporting creativity, fulfilling the desire for discovery, education through play. They support the mind, entertain, and help children learn about the world.

In addition to science, engineering technology and mathematics, we also consider the development of skill and creativity to be important. That is why we also include craftsmanship in our portfolio. It is not important which direction the child goes, the important thing is that the children have fun while getting to know the world, learning and discovering. All this so that they remain interested in the given thing and are able to return to the activities and maintain their attention.

Where to choose

There are really many products for children, and of course of different qualities. That is why we have prepared the KINT KIDS online store for children.

KIDS KINT offers products for children from 3 to 18 years old. You can choose from the categories Chemistry, Electrical, Archaeology, Astronomy, Robotics, Nature and discoveries, Crafts. We try to sell products that are only in stock to ensure fast delivery and efficient processing of orders or customer inquiries. We will gradually expand the assortment with other products that are verified and that we consider suitable in accordance with the philosophy of this article.

For example, you can try a chemistry laboratory with the possibility of up to two hundred experiments

chemicka laborator 200 pokusu
Chemická laboratoř 200 pokusů (

or let the children make their own rocket and launch it up to 15 meters high

raketova veda
Raketa (

or they can even build their own working robot

robot tibo
Robot TIBO (

and for the little ones, let the kids build their own remote control fire truck 🙂

rc hasicske auto sroubovaci stavebnice
RC Hasičské auto – šroubovací stavebnice (

We will of course be very happy if you rate our store, comment on some of the products or even visit and “like” our Facebook stand KIDS KINT | Facebook. We will also greatly appreciate your possible contributions on any social platform, here, but also in the form of a link on any website.

In addition to all this, we will continue to develop activities within the rubrics, where we will present KINT news as well as new technologies, scientific knowledge, but also possibly educational applications and games for children.

STEM toys
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